Saturday, March 24, 2012

Handmade Items

So as most of you know, my Etsy shop is no longer up and running. Therefore, I was forced to explore other avenues in which my handmade items could be sold. I read many articles, did a lot of yahoo searching and ended up finding some pretty cool sites I didn't know existed.

1. Artfire
This is a site that resembles Etsy very much. However, there is no listing fee, no contract, just a simple monthly fee. This appealed to me as I have over 250 products and the listing fees on Etsy got a little out of hand. I now have a shop on Artfire and I think it has the potential to gain traffic just as my Etsy shop did.

2. Zibbet
This site offers pretty much the same thing as Etsy and Artfire and went live in 2009. They offer a completely free service which I think is the biggest perk out of all three sites. There are no listing fees and no monthly fees. There is a catch however, the limit is 50 items. If you have more than 50 items there become a monthly fee of $9.95 (still, not bad!) I have yet to set up a shop at Zibbet but it's looking more appealing by the second.

3. Wanelo
This site resembles Pinterest. You can find pretty much anything - from decor, to clothing, to random accessories. Once you click on the photo it links you to what store you can find it at. It's a pretty neat concept as it allows you to find stores you have never heard of. You're also able to follow people and make collections.

As I did all this research I discovered just how handmade friendly our online marketplace was. There are plenty of tools and resources to succeed at selling online and I am determined to bounce back!

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